Paid services is a completely free platform for customers, who can place ads here and search for performers (craftsmen) all over Ukraine here.

Free functionality is also implemented here for service centers and craftsmen. You register your company or some personal service offers to declare thereby yourself as an expert who are ready to do some work of any complexity for a certain fee.

However, our site provides PRO-accounts for users. What it is? This is the profile of the advanced or professional users with a new, expanded range of features and functions. You need to complete here not a simple registration, but another one with a focus on high-quality advertising of your services. You get the opportunity to track the addition of a new ads first. This means that the PRO-user gains easy and quick access to all new orders and requests.

Also the PRO-accounts can advertise their services by raising it on the TOP.

Advertising is targeted. For example, you are a specialist in a small niche. Your specialty is high-quality repair of laptops and PCs. Accordingly, at the moment when the customer places the request in the specified section, an advertisement of your brand or name immediately appears in front of him. This allows the customer not to scroll through hundreds of ads, and immediately turn to a specific person who knows how to do that. You get the first chance to get the most interesting, profitable, "hot" or urgent requests. Advertising will also appear at the top, above the list of ads. Your brand name will always be visible for target users.

A PRO account on is also provides a whole set of privileges:
• Quick selection of tasks for both urgent and complex repair of equipment;
• An effective tool to stand out among other companies;
• More complete displaying of information in your account, profile, ad;
• Higher company’s rating, which means an opportunity to increase the interest of potential customers;
• Address advertising, which increases customer traffic and profits, respectively.

With new platform, which helps to find experts of equipment and electronics’ repair tasks, you get new guidelines for the development and scaling of your business. And PRO-account will help to get more chances to increase the number of available tasks and improve your image.