Cooperation is a platform that is aimed to create a common space of a high-quality services where the visitors can find in a few minutes an expert to troubleshoot household appliances, office equipment and any other electronics.

Our team is focused on results. We strive to create the best service that can help everyone to select an experienced, qualified and responsive professionals. So, we invite private craftsmen, service centers and service companies to cooperate.

What do we offer to you?

Working with us, you’ll get:

•Extensive customer base with the ability to respond the requests or to collect them on your profile page if you have positive feedback and the customer wants to work with you directly;

•Ability to grow your business without spending on commercials or banners;

•A chance to save money on renting an office, buying expensive tools, on maintaining a team. You will have a lot of orders with the ability to get only interesting, relevant and profitable jobs;

•Opportunity to enter the Ukrainian market with your own offers; you can work with the whole Kyiv, not some specific districts, for example. grows rapidly with the constant chance to find the best work for anyone.

How does the platform works?

At first, you need to register the personal account and point information about your services, rates, contacts: anything that might interest potential customers. We’ll publish this info at the platform. As soon as the user places a list of skills he needs, you can respond to that request or simply wait until one of the clients writes you directly.

If you agree to work with a specific customer, you need to write or call him to specify a time and place when it’s possible to repair his laptop, washing machine, fridge etc.

Depending on the number of completed orders, as well as the positive feedback, our rating will increase, which will make your company or your private services more attractive for new potential clients.

Cooperation with is a new stage of your business’ growth!